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Probate court is a long and slow process, but can be a necessary one. Going to probate court addresses the assets of an individual’s estate when they pass away. One of the primary goals of estate planning (wills, trusts, etc.) is to avoid probate. The creation of these documents not only save time for the next generation inheriting such assets, it also cuts the costs and attorneys fees associated with probate.

Child Support

This video has ways to save thousands of dollars on child support. If you are the parent of a minor child in California and you make a small mistake you could lose thousands of dollars and sometimes that money does not even go to your child or your ex-wife. The money may be going to the Government. Watch this video for simple child support tips.

Don't Loose your License by a DUI

Did you get a DUI? Thompson Law can represent you in court. Watch this video for everything you need to learn how to get the best representation for your DUI.

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